Do you have this credit card? Get 50 liters of petrol for one year for free, and reward points – here you need to know about Indian Oil HDFC Credit Card


  • You can refuel with Indian Oil HDFC Bank Credit Card
  • Awards and offers
  • No surcharge

Kochi: Petrol and diesel prices are at an all-time high in the country. In many states, fuel prices have touched Rs 100. Since then, although prices have fallen, retail fuel prices in all states, including Kerala, are at their highest levels since October 2018. In such a situation, consumers can avail fuel credit card to reduce fuel costs. Because we spend about half of our monthly income on fuel.

Fuel Credit Card

Fuel card is a great option for regular petrol or diesel buyers. All major oil companies of the country have issued such cards in association with banks. Special discounts and cashback offers are available on every purchase of petrol and diesel using the fuel card. There are also surcharge rebate cards. In 2019, Indian Oil launched a fuel card in association with HDFC Bank.

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Indian Oil HDFC Bank Credit Card

Indian Oil HDFC Bank Credit Card users can avail up to 50 liters of free petrol or diesel every year. High reward points can be earned by swiping the card and refueling at the Indian Oil outlet. Customers can refuel with these reward points. For a minimum transaction of Rs 400, a one percent fuel surcharge will be available at all petrol pumps across India.

BPCL SBI Fuel Card

The advantage of the fuel card is that you can avail refueling as many times as you want. In addition, banks often charge a fee for a card that exceeds the limit. At the same time, like other credit cards, fuel cards have an annual fee and a joining fee. Apart from Indian Oil, BPCL has also partnered with SBI to launch fuel cards.

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It is a premium card that offers benefits such as four complementary launch access and high reward points at domestic airports. For every Rs 100 spent on this card on BPCL fuel and Bharat Gas, you will get 25 reward points.

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