Covid Vaccine Bus Breakdown in Patna with 9 Lakh Covishield Vaccine Dose


  • The vehicle contains 89,689 bottles of coveshield wax.
  • Each bottle contains 10 doses.
  • There are 9 lakhs of such vaccine doses.
  • Vehicle did not start due to battery failure

Patna: A shocking video has surfaced amidst the backdrop of rising Kovid cases in the country and allegations of vaccine deficiency. The vehicle that came with the vaccine collection was found halfway due to a breakdown.

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The vehicle was carrying cowshield wax bottles for storage facility at Nalanda Medical College Hospital (NMCH).

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A special vehicle called the Vaccine Express to transport the vaccine was damaged. The vehicle was carrying around nine lakh doses. The vehicle was not starting due to battery failure.

National media quoted pharmacist Mukesh Kumar as saying, “The van has 89,689 bottles. Each bottle contains 10 doses. We will take it to NMCH’s storage center.” Also, he said, he was not an authorized person to talk about these things.

At his suggestion, he was pushed into a refrigerated van with the help of some people, who arrived at the airport and then resumed. Meanwhile, by the time the channels were also reported by the channels along with the video.

There has been talk of a sharp shortage of vaccines in the country amid the increase in the number of cases of the second wave of Kovid-19 epidemic for the last few days.

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There were 1,900 new cases in Bihar yesterday. There have been four deaths in the state. Since its outbreak in the country in January 2020, the total number of infections in the state has risen to 2,73,830 with 1,600 deaths.

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