Masks not worn properly; Police beat the masked for not wearing it in Inder


  • Torturing not wearing masks properly
  • The young man was trampled on the ground
  • Cruelty indoors

Bhopal: Kovid cases are increasing in the country. The highest number of daily Kovid cases in history were recorded today. As the country undergoes strict control, there are reports of violation of Kovid’s norms in many places. Now, it is reported that the young man was brutally beaten by two policemen for not wearing the mask properly.

In Indore, Madhya Pradesh, a youth was brutally beaten up by the police for not wearing a mask properly. Police have released footage of a youth being beaten up on Nadu Road in broad daylight. The victim was identified as an autorickshaw driver named Kishan Keer, 35 years old.

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Krishna Keer was caught by the police while visiting his father, who was in the hospital due to illness. The young man was wearing a mask but it lay below his nose. Seeing this, the police asked him to come to the station. But NDTV reported that the harassment began when Krishna was not ready.

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A viewer recorded the incident on his mobile phone from the beginning. Krishna is seen by the police trampling and beating without mercy. Krishna’s youngest son is seen crying for help. The News18 report states that despite such an incident in Nadu Road, no one came forward to help the youth. It has been reported that all the passersby were taking pictures.

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Meanwhile, the policemen involved in the incident, Kamal Prajapat and Dharmendra Jat, have been suspended, officials said. It is reported that no action was taken against him for the first time and intervened after the footage spread.

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