Modi Rojgar Do is now trending on Twitter, Know the Reason Why Students tweet “#modi_ji_rojgar_do”

Modi Rojgar Do, Mumbai: On Sunday, Some Job Seekers tweeted with the requirement for ‘Modi Rojgar Do’. On 23rd Feb, “#modi_rojgar_दो” tweets are crossed with over 2.01 Millions Tweets are posted on social media twitter. This hash tag is now trending on twitter. Some people asked the government, why the promises for two crores of jobs? On behalf of common people as well as some opposition leaders also tweeted in supporting of students. Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “Suno jan ke maan ki baat”

Modi Rojgar Do is Now Trending on Twitter – Close To 2 Millions of Tweets (Know the Reason Why Students tweets “#modi_ji_rojgar_do”)

On the other hand, lots of twitter users demanded the Prime Minister to increase the employment. It is now trending on the first position. In this way, a twitter account with the username of Sayan Sur tweeted, “We need new reforms of government exam…Do not dilute vacancies…you need to proof that promise of 2 crore employment”. Twitter username Shubu 2.0 twitted, “This is reality. Andhbhakt keep away because you haven’t capability to understand this.”

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Khushbu Gupta tweeted a photo and tweeted, “Founded somewhere on social media. It’s not a POEM, it’s a REVOLUTION.Aavi nhi to kvi nhi.. Rojgar nhi to Vote v nhi. #modi_rojgar_दो “

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Notably, as the Corona catastrophe, the job crisis within the united states was steadily rising. In accordance with ILO statistics, the normal labour rate on the planet is currently fifty seven percent. Whilst India’s typical labour rate is fourty seven percent. Neighboring states Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh may also be in front of India inside this issue. The job pace of Pakistan and SriLanka are at fifty plus fifty one percent. As the occupation rate in Bangladesh is fifty seven percent.

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It’s notable that through the Corona catastrophe, tens of thousands of individuals lost their tasks. CMIE maintained at a record which 1.77 crore midsize projects were missing from April 2020.

There’s labour catastrophe worldwide: Because of Corona crisis, perhaps not just India but most states of the planet are visiting occupation catastrophe. Unemployment in the usa has broken records. The project industry in the usa is entirely postponed. Marketing have made outside for only 49,000 occupations in January, subsequent to layoff of personnel from December.

Now, We hope you understand why people are tweeting for Modi Rojgar Do or Modi ji Rojgar Do. Share this article with your friends if they do not know why #modi_rojgar_दो is trending on Twitter.

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