Facebook is going to kill its ‘Classic’ look in September

California: Earlier this year, when social networking boss Facebook rolled out a new user interface for its desktop users, it gave them the choice to either opt for the new one or stay on the original one.

Now, however, according to the FAQ page on Facebook’s website, the company is going to take away the choice as it is deleting the option to select the previous old user interface, which it calls the Classic Facebook. Coming September, all Facebook users will be using the new user interface on desktop version.

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The company said on the FAQ page, “If you’re using the new Facebook.com, you can switch back to the classic Facebook temporarily. Starting in September, everyone will have the new design.”

Facebook’s renovated design for desktop was first launched in March for a selected few users and then it launched globally for everyone in May.

Apart from offering a more streamlined navigation that appears similar to the mobile interface of the app, this user interface comes with support for dark mode, a feature that is quite popular among smartphone users for many apps.

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With the new interface, Facebook has moved options like Watch, Marketplace, Groups and Gaming from the side to the top of the page. Moreover, it has moved icons for notification, messenger and settings to the extreme right corner of the page.

On the Profile page, Facebook will show the display picture in the center with name and bio below – just as it looks on the mobile app. The Blue horizontal bar on top of the profile page that appears on the traditional layout is no longer there. Options for Timeline, About, Friends, Photos, Archive and More remain in the horizontal bar.

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