Microsoft Paid $13.7 Million for Hunting bugs in Past Year

California: Microsoft has inclined up its bug bounty program this year, paying out millions over the most recent a year to specialists ready to recognize weaknesses in its items.

The organization paid out $13.7 million altogether, which speaks to a noteworthy increment on the $4.4 million granted the earlier year – and is additionally more than twofold the $6.5 million paid out by Google in 2019.

As per Microsoft, 1,226 qualified weakness reports were documented by a sum of 327 specialists, making for a normal payout of $11,000 per bug and $42,000 per analyst – an attractive compensation supplement.

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The most rewarding Microsoft bounty guaranteed over the most recent a year hit $200,000, which positions among the biggest at any point granted for a solitary weakness.

Microsoft bug bounties

As per another blog entry from Microsoft Security Response Center, the firm presently works 15 bug abundance plans altogether, having intensified its attention on the program as of late.

Inside the most recent year, Microsoft has propelled six new bounty programs, appended to items including Azure, Edge, Dynamics 365, Xbox and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The organization likewise refreshed two security research programs and revealed a further three, connected to the organization’s Identity administrations and its work in the field of AI.

No matter how you look at it, Microsoft revealed expanded degrees of specialist commitment and higher report volumes in the primary portion of 2020 (ascribed to the coronavirus lockdown), which offers some clarification for the sharp ascent in bounties guaranteed.

“Security specialists are an essential segment of the cybersecurity biological system that defends each feature of advanced life and trade. The specialists who commit time to revealing and announcing security issues before enemies can abuse them have earned our regard and appreciation,” peruses the blog entry.

“The security scene is continually changing with rising innovation and new dangers. By finding and announcing weaknesses to Microsoft through Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD), security specialists have kept on helping us secure a great many clients.”

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