How To Download More RAM on PC?

RAM or usually known as Random Access Memory is a physical hardware of your computer. And if you ask me how to download more RAM then the short answer is it is not possible. But,

Actually, you can. So, you’re thinking about How it could be possible?

I am not discussing those noxious downloads from obscure sites that are named “Increase your RAM” or “Download RAM”

However, it is possible to build the RAM “simply like that” of your machine, really Virtual Machine to be explicit

Thus, if you are running a Virtual Machine (VM) inside your pc’s main Operating System (OS), you can in fact “Download RAM” from host Operating System to your guest Operating System The downloading procedure however is not at all like a web download. You would be really downloading it from your physical RAM to the virtual RAM of your VM in this way expanding the RAM of the VM.

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There you go. I gave you a way do “Download RAM”

Now, I’ve listed those procedure how you can download more RAM on your Virtual Machine below,

How To Download More RAM on Virtual Machine (VM)

1st Way

  • Download VMware (if you do not have one)
  • Open your Virtual Machine (VMware)
  • Choose the Virtual Machine from the list of VMware where you want to increase the RAM
  • Just click on “Edit virtual machine settings” button.
  • Now select the “Memory” part and in the right panel drag the slider the up or down or put the exact size to increase your VM RAM.
  • Note: In this way of increasing or decreasing the RAM size will only works when the Virtual Machine is not running background. If the VM is running background, then the slider becomes non-modifiable.
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2nd Way

  • Atfirst, simply go to the physical location of the virtual machine (VM).
  • Search for .vmx file (VMware virtual machine configuration)
  • Just Right-click on the .vmx file and click on open with >> Notepad
  • Search for the keyword “memsize
  • Replace the value to the desired RAM size. In my case, I have increased 10 Gb to my VM. (memsize = ‘10240’) (1 gb = 1024 mb)
  • Also, don’t forget to restart the VM, if running in order to reflect the replacement.
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Hope, now you learned that download more RAM is possible on VM but actually you cannot increase or decrease your physical RAM as it is a hardware setup you need a physical RAM to increase or decrease.

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