May 2021 Heaven Stairway Incident – What is this?

May 2021 Heaven Stairway Incident alludes to a doomsday hoax that began from the Cover Yourself with Oil meme. In the first joke, the trollface character takes note of that oil coasts in water, says sit tight for it to rain, additionally takes note of that human skin is canvassed in oil, at that point posts an unpleasant picture denoting the “Heaven Stairway Incident” that happens in May of 2021 which shows people ascending towards the sky in view of the oil on their skin.

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The last board was taken outside of any relevant connection to the issue at hand and reposted across Reddit, where it befuddled individuals who weren’t in on the joke.

Who Created Heaven Stairway Incident?

Heaven Stairway Incident was created by Ebola Granola on 28th November. The photo in the meme is an edited pic of NYC. The tweet got over 850 retweets and 3900 likes, which can be found below,

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What is the actual meaning of May 2021 Nyc “Heaven Stairway” Incident?

When a random viewer asked the creator that what is this? The creator replied, “The real reason you are quarantined. Do not go into the rain. Reality has realized its own truth. I repeat: do not leave your home. Suffocation and hypothermia is the cause of death.”

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